Iíve always loved surprises, and I find it hard to wait
To find out what is wrapped and tagged for me.
I tear into each package like an eager, happy child,
To satisfy my curiosity.

Just any little trinket brings a smile upon my face,
Because it speaks to me of loving care.
And eagerly awaiting an event is half the fun.
It doubles all the pleasure I find there.

Thatís why I am so anxious just to see my Heavenly home
That Jesus is preparing now for me.
He tells me that itís filled with precious stones, and streets of gold,
And water clear as crystal, flowing free.

The sun and moon wonít need to shine, for Jesus is the light,
And tears and sorrows will be washed away.
And oh, the joy thatís waiting when I see my Saviorís face,
And enter that bright land of endless day.

Iím trying to be patient as I wait for Christís return,
When I will rise and meet Him in the sky.
And so I do my best to live each day the way I should,
Till to His waiting arms my soul shall fly.

By Betty Jo Mings