Poems About Churches And Pastors
by Betty Jo Mings


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Our Pastors and Their Families

Do we put them on a pedestal, and sift each word they say,
Forgetting they are sinners, saved by grace, with feet of clay?

Are we looking for perfection, and when Sunday rolls around,
Do we dine on roasted Preacher, if a single flaw we've found?

Do we watch their children carefully, inspecting every deed?
Does the slightest imperfection make us have a family feed?

Do we leave no room for error in the stringent code we set,
But play by different rules ourselves, and all our sins forget?

If we could walk a single day with them, inside their shoes,
We'd surely find that all our judging attitude we'd lose.

We'd know and understand the weighty burdens that they bear,
And we would try to help them, and to show them that we care.

We'd lift them up each day in earnest prayer before God's throne,
And ask the Lord's forgiveness when a lack of love we've shown.

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The Pastors Wife

She stands among the shadows with a smile upon her face,
And quietly encourages with love, and strength and grace.

She always offers solace, and holds tightly to his hand,
And when he feels inadequate, he knows she'll understand.

She's ready with a listening ear for what he has to say,
But things she hears in confidence she never will betray.

Their time alone is limited because he has to be
Available to all the flock who need his ministry.

Yet still she's there when like a child he clings to her embrace,
And draws upon her comfort for the trials he must face.

She is the unsung heroine who helps his load to bear,
And lifts him up consistently with tender, loving care.

The world applauds a Pastor who can help to change a life,
But half the credit for success belongs to his dear Wife.

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The Church Goes On

He really planned to go to church.
He knew it was important, and would help him in his life,
Because of all the turmoil that he faced, and all the strife.
But somehow days just slipped away, and then the months and years,
While he kept struggling with his guilt, his problems and his fears,
And so, the church went on without him.

He said he soon would go to church.
He oft recalled the childhood times he went to Sunday School,
And how he learned John 3:16, and said the Golden Rule.
And he remembered pictures taken with his blushing bride,
While at the altar vows were said, as they stood side by side.
But now, the church went on without him.

He truly meant to go to church.
He worked so many hours each week, and when the weekend came,
He needed time just to relax, or practice his golf game.
And there were dozens of small tasks that he alone could do.
Before he even finished them, his weekend time was through.
And so, the church went on without him.

He promised he would go to church.
When friends and family begged him, he had lots of reasons why
The time was not convenient, but it would be by and by.
Soon things would settle down, and he would have more time to do
The countless tasks that he'd put off, and some that were brand new.
But still, the church went on without him.

He finally went to church.
His friends all came to see him, and to say a last farewell.
And many eyes were teary as they heard his funeral knell.
They thought of all the wasted years, and blessings cast aside,
Because he thought he'd find the time for church before he died.
And still, the church goes on without him.

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Prayer for Our Church

Dear Lord, please bless our church today, and as we gather here,
We ask that You'll prepare our hearts to hear your message clear.

Although we are unworthy of Your Holy Name we bear,
We pray that through our lives the world will feel Your tender care.

Anoint our lips to testify of all Your love and grace,
And use our hands to aid each needy person that we face.

Help us to be responsive to the Spirit's still, small voice,
And may the way of Godliness be always our first choice.

Equip us with Your armor for the battles that we fight,
And give us strength and courage as we walk the path of light.

Increase our understanding of the Scripture that we read,
And help us not grow weary as we scatter precious seed.

We pray our church will always be a beacon to all men,
Proclaiming truth and righteousness till Jesus comes again.

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The Fault

He caught his brother in a fault, and quickly launched a full assault.
He felt that he was duty-bound to spread the knowledge all around.
And soon it seemed the whole world knew about the fault, as rumors flew.
Reactions to the news were split. Some disbelieved--but bit by bit
The church of God was torn apart by sins that grieved the Father's heart.

If only he had gone alone, when first his brother's fault was known,
And as they both knelt down to pray, showed him the error of his way - -
His brother might have sought God's face, 
 and asked forgiveness through God's grace.
The church would not have suffered shame, 
 nor brought dishonor to God's Name.
Instead, by faith, it would have grown, 
 as to the world God's love was shown.

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Our Church

Our church is not a great cathedral filled with works of art,
With statues carved of saints and cherubim,
But just a simple edifice that's built to honor God,
And where we meet to praise and worship Him.

We don't have famous preachers clad in crested, flowing robes,
Who speak of riches and prosperity,
But only humble men of God who tell how Jesus died
To pay for all our sins, and set us free.

We have no lofty stained glass windows drawing praise of men,
Or sounds of mighty organs in our ear,
But as we lift our voices and we sing of Jesus' love,
We find the help to conquer doubt and fear.

We gather as a family to hear the Word of God,
And we are always blessed because we came.
Our fellowship and sweet communion fit us for the task
Of living to bring honor to His Name.

Our church is just for sinners who are washed in Jesus' blood,
Who try to follow Christ, His works to do.
And every one who has a need is welcome in our midst.
We pray that you will come to know Him too.

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My Baptism

Dear Lord, in simple faith and trust,
Obedient to Your command,
I'm baptized in Your precious Name.
Before the world I take my stand.

I'm covered by the waters as
A picture of Your death for me,
And rise to walk in new-found life,
You bought with love at Calvary.

Such love demands my total self
surrendered to Your full control.
Please keep me centered in Your will,
With Your "well done" my only goal.

I know if I obey Your Word,
There's no good thing I'll ever lack.
And so I'll follow where You lead,
And there will be no turning back.

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Baby Dedication

Dear Lord, with joy we dedicate
This precious little child to You;
And as we seek Your help and strength,
We consecrate ourselves anew.

We pray for wisdom from above
To guide these tender, tiny feet
Along the narrow path, to find
Forgiveness at Your Mercy Seat.

Please help us teach, not just by words,
But by example that we live,
To daily search Your Scriptures for
The guidance You so freely give.

May Sundays find us worshiping
Together as a family,
As we endeavor to become
The parents You would have us be.

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